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Tow with a small car….

…a 4×4, van, suv, or …

…add a two berth guest suite!

The coolest caravan on the planet

Can be towed with a standard driving licence and by the smallest of cars.
Lightweight and aerodynamic for economical towing.
Designed and hand made in Britain.

Evolution of The Pod to the Carapod

Inspired by the teardrop caravans of the 40’s and 50’s designer Patrick Cook launched ‘the pod’ in the millennium. The simple design filled a gap in the market providing the convenience, fun and adventure of camping without the complications and restrictions of caravans. The Pod also heralded the start of the micro caravan market.
Replicating those early pioneering days, The Pod has been re-engineered and re-branded as the Carapod, a super-light mini teardrop caravan that retains the iconic shape, character and core values of the original Pod. With excellent on-road and off-road capabilities the Carapod is ideal for weekend breaks, cycling holidays, festivals, sporting events or just to get away,

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The coolest caravan on the planet

Adventurous travellers love the clever design and features of the Carapod mini teardrop caravan. They also love the outdoor life, freedom, adventure and pure fun that the practical mini caravan provides. They don’t want complications, they want simplicity. They want to go wherever, and whenever, they like. They just want to hitch up and go. And that is exactly what the Carapod is designed to do. Simple.

The construction starts with a heavily galvanised steel chassis supporting independent long travel suspension (100% longer than the original Pod) providing excellent on road and off road capabilities. The chassis is fitted with two retractable legs for camping on uneven ground, a TripleLock insurance approved coupling and a jockey wheel.

Carapods do not use the jointed panel construction that is notorious for leaking, instead a one piece seamless composite body provides class leading strength and stability for safety, durability for longevity, as well as a leak and draft free interior. The door and hatch are double skinned for rigidity and thermal efficiency.

Aluminium framed windows are glazed with laminated safety glass.

To guarantee the best quality product we contract specialist British manufacturers for the supply of key components which are assembled in our own workshop. Simple.

Stretch out on the deep foam cushions that provide a wonderfully comfortable double bed. Just short of 4ft 6 inches wide (standard double bed width) and with a length of 6ft, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. Taller than 6 feet ? No problem. An additional 12 inches is available through the tunnel at the end of the bed, more than will be found in most full-size caravans. A light is fitted above the bed and the kitchen area is accessible for drinks and snacks at any time. Simple.

Unlike other micro caravans and teardrop caravans, Carapods provide comfortable seating for 4 adults at a dining table. The secret is the unique drop down footwell concealed below the floor. Simply move the central foam cushion to the end of the Carapod to provide a soft back support, lift the centre base panel, unclip the drop down footwell, fold down the table leg and in less than a minute the Carapod becomes a dining area with access to the galley kitchen through the internal hatch. Simple.

Carapods are fitted with a painted galley kitchen. Beneath the paint first quality birch faced plywood will be found, cheaper materials are not used. A top hung hatch supported by calibrated gas struts at the back of the Carapod opens to a galley kitchen providing a preparation area, space for a portable gas cooker (we recommend the twin burner from Cedac), storage areas and two deep drawers, one with a concealed cutlery compartment. Sinks are not fitted, that would require plumbing, water and waste storage. Carapods are for camping – leave the appliances to caravanners! Most sites provide all the facilities needed, why carry them as well? Simple.

The light and airy interior is deceptively large. Ventilation is provided by roof and floor vents while three of the four porthole windows can be opened for extra ventilation in warm weather. There are several areas for storage, two lights and a 12v power socket for charging phones and tablets, all powered by a 22ah sealed leisure battery. The Impulse offers a choice of country style furnishing covers and curtains while the Nomad has denim style covers and curtains. Standing in the footwell gives 5’6” of headroom. The roof is lined with an insulating wheat coloured material. The walls are double lined with wood providing insulation.

Towing couldn’t be simpler. With an unladen weight of just 330 kg  and tuned suspension Carapods tow beautifully from even the smallest of cars, and unlike larger caravans a towing licence is not required. Because they are so light Carapods are easy to push, and can be towed on a standard driving license. To start your journey simply hook up and go. When you return just unhook, push and store. Nothing could be easier. Can’t reverse a trailer? No problem, just unhook and push. Simple.

Low running costs are not usually associated with caravans but are a key feature of Carapods. Many caravans and trailers will increase fuel consumption by as much as 50%, particularly when towed by smaller cars. The low weight, size, and aerodynamic shape of a Carapod offers exceptionally low drag providing class leading fuel consumption. Annual servicing costs are a thing of the past; there is no plumbing to maintain, no chemicals to replace, no storage tanks to drain, and no complicated electrics to check and service. Carapods weigh less than half the legal requirement for brakes to be installed so there are not even brakes to maintain. In short, check the tyre pressures at the same time as checking those on your car, and that’s about it. Simple.

Internal dimensions:

Length 240cm
Width 132 cm
Height (at highest point) 121 cm

External dimensions:

Length (including tow hitch) 328cm
Width (including wheel arches) 160cm
Height (at highest point) 167cm
Unladen weight (standard model) 330kg
Gross weight 500kg

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